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FMAAA September 2016, Feature Exhibit: Art and The Creative Unconscious by Marie Brady-Whitcanack, Ph.D.

Works include Acrylic, Gouache, & Acrylic/Water Color paintings.Subjects include portraits and landscapes.

Art, Psyche and the Creative Unconscious

B. Marie Brady-Whitcanack, Ph.D. is the featured artist at the Fort Madison Area Arts Association for the Month of September. Dr. Brady-Whitcanack will present approximately 30 visual art works that focus on the theme of “Art, Psyche and the Creative Unconscious.” The majority of the pieces are large figurative works in acrylic with smaller paintings, such as, portraits and landscapes in water color and Aqua Oil. The exhibition focuses on identification of themes and images that demonstrate the creative gifts of the unconscious as healer and wellspring of life itself. The reception is planned for Friday, September 16, 2016 at the Fort Madison Area Arts Association, 825 Avenue G, in Historic Downtown Fort Madison. Pilot Grove Savings Bank is the sponsor for the exhibition.

The exhibit and lecture presentation are from the perspective of Neo-Freudian archetypes and pattern analysis of themes and images. Dr. Brady-Whitcanack will discuss the creative process and the unconscious mind as a source of balance and healing that especially artists are able to access through dream work and the creative muse. The exhibit is a retrospective from works completed at a very young age to the current focus on Impressionistic techniques of Monet and the American Impressionists.

An aesthetic critique of the creative process is provided as a result of over a decade of study under Michael Conforti , Ph.D., the director of the Assisi Institute and Center for International Studies in Mystic, Connecticut. Dr. Conforti is a Freudian and Jungian trained analyst and teacher focusing on pattern analysis and archetypal fields as developed by Carl Jung,

The great Neo–Freudian, Carl Jung, believed the unconscious mind was the psychological wellspring of creativity, vitality, growth, and redemption with near divine significance. He believed the unconscious mind, the psyche or soul, is in fact the home of or portal to the creative and vital currents of life. The role of visionary art is to bring to consciousness that which is denied in the conscious – that speaks to the spirit and correct the imbalance.

The exhibition fills the gallery with a retrospective of Marie's artistic talents, beginning at the age of seventeen. Early on her work mirrored the eventual dissertation for her doctorate in arts and the psyche. Marie will give a gallery presentation at the Lunch-ala-Art program scheduled for September 30th at noon with Atlas Smokehouse as food vendor. Call 372-3996 for a reservation. Viewing is available all month Tuesday-Saturday from 10am-5pm.

Artist Reception at FMAAA Art Center September 16th

from 5-7pm.

Show sponsored by Pilot Grove Savings Bank .