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The Fort Madison Area Arts Association feature gallery is hung from ceiling to floor with over 550 pieces from the Budding Artists at Central Lee, Richardson, Lincoln, Holy Trinity, and Ft. Madison Middle School for this K-8 art showcase. It was indeed a challenge to display this many items, but never fear as the stage is set. Seither&Cherry Company is the sponsor for the exhibition and a reception will occur on January 16th from 2:00-4:00 for the artists and families. Enjoy reception treats from HyVee with your family members while touring this massive exhibition. The amount of differing projects is guaranteed to bedazzle the viewer.

Types of projects are far too numerous to mention all, but will give a few examples of what you may see. Kindergarten students at Richardson and Lincoln examine and replicate the visual images of artists Albrecht Durer and Piet Mondrian. First grade Central Lee kicks into warp drive with aluminum moons set to painted galaxies. Second grade HTC brings out the clowns and paper sculpture, while Central Lee constructs colorful logo names and the reflections from cool sunglasses. Third graders at Richardson and Lincoln chilled out with Chihuly pendants. Fourth graders at Central Lee went for hands-on self-portraits in 2-D and blazed an acrobatic trail with 3-D circa soliel style sculptures on wooden bases with over 25 varieties of big top style entertainment renderings. FMMS ventured into abstract landscapes with nice color combinations. 5th grade HTC crafted beaded peyote bags for precision and than went with wonderful wayward Chihuly-styled sculptures, while FMMS created pinwheel prints and line pattern bugs. Central Lee students were literally as different as night and day with marker magic. FMMS went strong three dimensional with Dawn of the Dead paper mache masks, tribal ceramic masks, and nifty ceramic pocket plaques, while rolling with Metapec suns, radial mosiacs, and grafitti names in the two-dimensional plane. 7th grade HTC continues to expand the trick photography pieces via ipad manipulation. Central Lee finalizes with water elemental landscapes and ceramic alien invasion. This is must-see for January!

Thanks always to Mrs. Price, Mrs. Mitchel, and Mrs. Hellige for Ft. Madison public schools; Mrs. Canida and Mrs. Jones for Central Lee; and Mrs. de Prima and Mr. Rung at Holy Trinity for collaborating on another chapter of what has become a best selling thriller testimonial to the artistic talent in our region! This exhibition always stuns the viewer at what has been created for that grade level in our schools. Parents will want to bring cameras for gallery shots with your budding artist, as we can pull works wherever located in the exhibit to garner you that special shot!