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Ft. Madison Area Arts Association (FMAAA) is Lighting the Fire of patriotic inspiration for the birthday of the USA. The FMAAA Board of Directors began to pursue this happiness over the idea of celebrating the 4th of July by dedicating an exhibition based on either the Red, White&Blue color scheme as a whole or the artist's impressions of Liberty. The shapes and colors of patriotism celebrate the freedom of creation. Those symbols may be portrayed in many ways and ideals via photography, pigment, sculpture, light, fabric, or artifacts. The Albright flags will be on loan from the library, as well as angling for the Korschegen kiddie parade drum for the reception on Friday. The exhibition will be created with the assemblage of the materials provided at the beginning of month by regional artists. The show may grow as the month progresses as well. Board Member of FMAAA canvased Avenue G as well to encourage retail and service providers to deck their halls for the holiday. FMAAA kicks off the holiday weekend with a reception for Red, White&Blue exhibition to occur on July 3rd from 5:00-7:00pm and is always open to the public. Pilot Grove Saving Bank is the sponsor of the exhibition. FMAAA will shoot the works by running the 2015 Annual Garden Tour with Nature's Fireworks Show from 12:00-4:00 on July 5th.

Sponsored by the Scott's Miracle-Gro Company, this tour highlights six magnificent landscapes from far west side of Ft. Madison to midtown in almost linear fashion along the bluff. The tour offers many of our fan favorites such as proximity gardens, visual artists integration work within the gardens, musicians, and roving plein air painters. For those that live in Ft. Madison you should begin at midtown at Gary Grinstead&Ann Auge Grinstead at the sight of the former Auge Greenhouse at 201 14th Street, as our out-of-town patrons will most likely start at far west end as it is right of Interstate 61 (no need to create a bottle-neck). Glassman Jim Topic will catch the sun's rays reflecting from the pool through his work at this site. From there a short jaunt to neighbors John&Teresa Dearing and Brad&Lynn Buckley at 2522&2518 Avenue D respectively. Musician Brad Kurtz will add acoustic background to this oasis. Some folks have a full 360 degree garden but this hidden delight at the Dearings boasts a 720 degree garden as it spans two lots. The Buckley's will win over the Iowa Hawkeye fan base with a themed homage to everything black&gold! The lilting sounds of dulcimer performer Cindy Dorrell of Mt. Pleasant will filter the air. A short hitch over to Bluff Road to River Hills takes you to Doug&Nancy Snaadt at 2794 River Hills, where the Burm is a 10 year concept with plantings at maturity, the Burning Bush ravine project at 5years, and last years project of utilizing a patented concrete that has the effect of stone with a 25 year guarantee. Curt Swarm will add some metallic sculpture to dot the large landscape. Two blocks up the road is Tom&Jean Baxter~Neuweg at 2191 280th Avenue. You could spend all day in Jean's serenity of ¾ acre with 150 differing varieties of plants, 8 bottle trees, a collection of metal bug insects, and 17 immaculate fairy rings. Coni Rumford will hide her floral arrangements in the massive territory, marked with small shepherd hooks! Than scoot along bluff road to Tom&Kathy Skewes garden at 2264 Clearview Heights. Their varying elevations resemble a spiral staircase garden, going up, up, and up the bluff with 25 years of progressive development of the property. Karen Ihrig Gilbert along with some of the needle-felting Tribe will perch felted critters along the path as patrons ascend. A turnaround circle is available at top of Clearview Heights when departing. Advance tickets are available for $10 at Gate City Seed in Keokuk, Ivy Bake Shoppe in West Burlington, Zaiser's Florist&Landscaping in Burlington, and at The Bookmark, Kempker's Tru-Value, HyVee, and FMAAA gallery in Ft. Madison. Tickets are available in gardens the day of event for $13. Garden narratives, maps, and ice cold bottled water