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Mandy Robertson of Carman, Illinois, will showcase her exhibition “Paintings in Pencil” throughout the month of October. Fans of photorealism stylings should roost in this nest. A reception for the artist will occur on October 10th from 5:00-7:00 pm. Ft. Madison Community Hospital is the sponsor for the exhibition. Viewing available at FMAAA gallery on 825 Avenue G all month Tuesday-Saturday from 10am-5pm.

Photorealism rendering takes patience, especially when fabricating with the multitude of layers associated with Prismacolor pencils. Mandy has multitudes of colors at her disposal with her colored pencil sets. All different hues await her choice to bring layer upon layer of color to a subject. It can be a tedious process with an 8”x10” piece taking 20 to 25 hours for completion....but what a dazzling effect! Mandy likes the texture effect sustained by multi-layering colors. She stays away from basic black or grey, utilizing Tuscan red, Indigo blue, and dark green to texturize the darks. She is able to gain more depth with this technique. Robertson explains,”I consider the majority of my work paintings rather than drawings. These pieces have no visable paper and are thoroughly saturated with color. This is a slow process of building layer after layer of different colors to achieve character and dimension. My subject matter varies, but most of my pieces are still lifes or portraiture. My piece, “Grandma's Silver” was featured in Colored Pencil Magazine.”

Mandy works in several mediums but prefers the precision of the pencil to the brush. She primarily uses Prismacolor pencils, beginning with her first large palette in 2007. They have a wax that provides rich, vibrant colors that layer well. The realism has a mirror image focus to the works in the exhibit, excepting for an early morning series of silhouettes that sprout only a touch of color, lingering in the darkness prior to dawn. For this grouping Mandy utilized a type of Prismacolor called “Very Thins” that have less wax than the color fountain she normally bathes in. Viewing for “Paintings in Pencil” is available all month from Tuesday-Saturday from 10am-5pm at FMAAA gallery on 825 Avenue G in historic downtown Ft. Madison.